Summer has arrived, and that means it is time to think about residential lawn maintenance and lawn care services. Providing good lawn care does not have to be difficult, whether hiring a commercial lawn care service or doing it yourself. What is necessary for a homeowner to have a green, healthy lawn is some good planning and following a few important guidelines.

Sharpen That Blade

Residential lawn maintenance services say one of the most critical parts of keeping a lawn healthy is regular mowing with a sharp mower blade. A dull blade rips and tears the grass, causing damage that eventually prevents regular growth. It also makes grass more prone to disease and less able to withstand drought or harsh summer heat. A bad blade creates a scar at the end of each plant, which dries brown and makes lawns look and feel dried out. Cutting with a freshly sharpened blade protects plants, promotes healing, encourages growth, and keeps lawns healthy. If necessary, sharpen it this summer to keep lawns looking vibrant and thick.

Know the Right Cutting Height

Besides the sharp blade, professional lawn care services know it is essential to mow at the right height. Most grass should be kept at about 2-1/2 to 3 inches tall. Cutting the lawn should happen when grass is about a third taller than that, or about 3-1/2 inches in height. Removing more than one third of the length at any time can shock the plant and not allow it to recuperate quickly after mowing. It is especially important to note that grass should be cut based on growth, not based on the calendar. In the heat of summer, growth tends to slow; this means that grass should only be cut when it reaches the right height to need mowing.

Proper Watering

An experienced lawn care service knows that correct, beneficial watering as a part of residential lawn maintenance, requires roots to get a good soaking. This translates to about 1 to 1-1/2 inches of water every week or more as needed during dry conditions. Invest in a rain gauge to keep track of how much actual rainfall has fallen and water when necessary. The goal is to keep at least the top 4 to 6 inches of soil damp for grass to thrive, even when it is dry. Conversely, lawns should not be over-watered, as too much water can cause roots to rot or grass become diseased.


As a part of complete lawn care services, remember that lawns also need to be fed. Knowing when to fertilize is important; too many applications can damage a lawn, while too few will not let the lawn grow thick and strong and leave it susceptible to weeds. For the best lawn maintenance, check with a local lawn care service as to the best times to fertilize in your particular area.

Overseed, Reseed, and Aerate

For the best lawn health, aerate in the spring and/or fall before applying fertilizer so that the fertilizer can get deep into the roots for a better result. Overseed as well, and reseed bald or thin spots as needed throughout the season. Helping problem spots and keeping soil in good condition helps grow a vibrant, beautiful lawn.

Providing quality residential lawn maintenance can be achieved with a plan. Hiring a dependable residential lawn care service is always an option busy homeowners who don’t have the necessary time to develop to year-round lawn maintenance. The results of a healthy, beautiful lawn are waiting!

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