Lawn drainage is an issue that homeowners can face in Texas. Due to soil composition, land grading, and other pertinent factors, drainage systems are often needed to keep lawns and landscaping from becoming over-saturated or flooded. Where poor drainage is a problem, drainage system companies can resolve the issue with the right drainage system plan that will move water away from homes and yards, so flooding is less of a problem. Various techniques can accomplish this, so knowing which is best one for a particular section of lawn or landscaping requires experienced drainage system services.

Drainage Problems

Water is essential to life, for both plants and all living creatures; however, it can be very invasive when it flows. When residential property experiences drainage issues, water can be a nuisance and actually cause a great deal of damage. Different drainage problems, including puddling, pooling, saturated soil, and even undirected downspout water, can destroy landscaping and turn a backyard into a swamp. It creates moisture and mold problems and can damage home foundations; drainage is a serious concern when there is a problem. Drainage systems must be improved or installed by drainage system companies or a homeowner will end up dealing with worsening problems as time goes on.

Different Solutions to Drainage Problems

Not every drainage solution will work for every situation. There are a number of successful ways that water can be diverted away from houses and properties. With the help of experienced drainage system services, problems with drainage can be controlled so it is controlled or eliminated.

  • French Drain – This is a popular drainage method consisting of trenches that hold perforated pipes, filled with gravel, and buried. Water seeps into the ground through the gravel and into the pipes, which divert it elsewhere, usually to public sewers. This is the most commonly used type of drainage system in residential applications.

  • Dry Well – Similar to a French drain, the main difference is that instead of being diverted to a sewer, water is diverted to an underground well where it can be dispersed back to the soil. Companies who offer drainage system services say this is a very environmentally friendly answer to drainage concerns, as it conserves water by putting it directly back into the soil.

  • Corrugated Tubes – These above-ground or buried tubes are used to direct downspout water away from buildings. When using tubing, the diversion is usually to a landscaped area that requires frequent watering or some other place where excess water will not be harmful.

  • Grassy SwaleDrainage system companies say this is another natural means of diverting water away from buildings, either alone or in conjunction with other methods. It involves building a slight hill or grade that diverts water away from one side to roll down the other side and disperse in more absorbent soil or to create a bog area for collection.

  • Planned Bog – This method is used in conjunction with some of the other methods above to divert water away from buildings and allow it to pool in one, dedicated area that is planted with water-loving species. It is another environmentally friendly way to deal with poor drainage.

The right approach to drainage must be taken into consideration for each circumstance, since there are many factors that determine which drainage system is best for each property. What works and is allowed in one area may not work or be allowed in another. Homeowners who experience drainage problems can work with experienced drainage system companies to diagnose the problem and remedy it with the right drainage system!

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