With spring just around the corner, it is time for homeowners who want a beautiful, thick lawn to start planning for lawn care. Most of the essential care for healthy grass occurs in the spring and fall, so now is the time to think about scheduling a residential lawn mowing service to help. Whether looking for a lawn care company or doing it alone, homeowners must understand that the most important part of a lawn’s care starts in the early spring. Following are some tips on have a lush and healthy lawn as soon as the weather starts to warm.

Plan and Prepare for the Season Ahead

Know what to do and when when it comes to lawn needs requires planning. The best way to handle the entire lawn care season is to understand what essential things must be done pre-season, during the growing season, and in the fall to achieve a healthy, green lawn. Providing the right treatments at the right time is essential for optimum growth and healthy, disease-proof lawns.

Just before spring is the right time to take a look at all lawn tools and machines to get them in good, working order. Bringing lawn mowers in for servicing and blade sharpening is one of the most important tasks. Mowing, whether done by a homeowner or a residential lawn mowing service, should always be done with a sharp blade, as a dull blade is frequently responsible for damage to the grass and its ability to thrive.

Pre-Season Clean Up

Commercial lawn care companies say giving new grass its best chance to grow depends on getting old grass and debris out of the way first. When the time comes for fertilizing and weed treatment, it is essential that such preparations be absorbed into the soil and not wasted away from the surface. Before applying any kind of treatment, a lawn should be cut short so dead grass tops are cut back. Then the yard should be thoroughly raked and dead clippings, thatch, leaves, and any other vegetation removed. During the growing season, it is recommended that grass clippings be left on the ground; however, it is essential to get rid of anything leftover from the previous season at the beginning of spring so water and essential nutrients can easily reach the soil.

Prepare the Soil

Residential lawn mowing services say there are two main things to do to prepare the soil for warmer weather: aerate and perform a soil test. Aerating after cleaning away dead debris helps open up pores in the soil for fertilizer and water to be easily absorbed into the roots. It is important to do this before the first weed and feed for maximum benefit. It is equally important to test a soil sample and then treat the soils for any deficiencies or acidity issues that are found so that the soil has what it needs to support growing grass.

Weed and Feed

Professional lawn care services know a lawn must be fed and treated for weeds – but not at the same time. Before spreading any fertilizer, pre-emergent weed killer must be applied. If this is done a few weeks before the first fertilization, it gives existing grass a head start at preventing weeds from sprouting new roots as the weather begins to warm up. By stopping the weed life cycle before weeds can continue to spread, a homeowner will efficiently end up with a much thicker lawn.

Whether working with a commercial lawn care company or handling the work as DIY, homeowners will spend less time dealing with their grass and be able to enjoy a beautiful lawn when the important early season tasks are taken care of. Talk to a local, reliable lawn care service to ensure that your lawn has everything it needs to look beautiful and stay healthy from spring to the following fall weather!

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