For every individual or company with a lawn, taking care of that lawn is a yearly concern in order to keep grass healthy and looking its best. Conventionally, this usually involves putting chemical weed killers and fertilizers on the lawn, which is a concern to some people. As more is known about how lawn chemicals can potentially harm people, as well as the environment, more people each year are deciding to use a residential lawn care company or commercial lawn mowing service that will use organic products.

Chemical vs. Organic Lawn Care

When it comes to lawn care, it is important to recognize that much of what is spread on lawns as fertilizer and weed killer are synthetic chemicals which, under certain circumstances, can harm the environment and people. Fertilizer and herbicide runoff can taint bodies of water. Treated grass can cause problems if consumed by a pet. Some people are concerned about their children playing on treated grass. Hiring a company that uses organic lawn care products is something homeowners should consider.

Some people have discovered that organic lawn care methods are expensive and ineffective, and return to using more conventional methods. There are a few reasons why organic preparations might not work, primarily due to soil condition and incomplete treatment. When properly applied and managed by a professional lawn care service, organic lawns can thrive once they have become healthy.

Why Choose Organic Lawn Care?

Following are a number of reasons to choose organic lawn care products besides the obvious one of keeping harsh chemicals out of the yard and away from families and pets:

  • Environmental Health – Between ground absorption, being washing away by rainwater, and seepage into ponds, streams and other bodies of water, chemical lawn preparations can end up just about anywhere. Organic fertilizers and herbicides do not present the same dangers.

  • Soil Health – Poor soil health is one of the main reasons why soil can’t be kept weed-free or grow healthy grass, a problem made worse by some chemical preparations. Rather than making soil dependent on chemical treatment, organic lawn care allows soil to heal and become more resistant to weeds and insects. This creates a better growing environment for healthier grass.

  • Less Work and Expense – Although it may take a season or two to repair a lawn, the two reasons listed above eventually lead to less effort and cost to keep a lawn healthy because it can stay healthy on its own. Lawn care costs are less because other than a residential or commercial lawn mowing service, a healthy, organic lawn requires fewer treatment than a conventional, chemically-treated lawn.

It isn’t hard to convert a conventional lawn to an organic one, although there will be an adjustment period while unhealthy soil begins to heal. A company that provides lawn care using organic products can help. Most work starts with a soil test and then lawn treatment with whatever nutrients are lacking. If a lawn mowing company is used for mowing services, they should also be notified that the yard is in the process of being converted. Through diligence and the right natural additives, it is possible to turn a weak, chemical-dependent lawn into a thick, green organic carpet that is more resilient than ever!

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