One of the most important considerations in achieving a beautiful landscape is proper watering. A properly designed irrigation system is critical to alleviate many of the problems associated with watering. When hiring an residential irrigation system installation company, it is essential to analyze any identified trouble spots in a landscape and create a system that can alleviate any problems for the most beneficial irrigation.

Irrigation Systems Issues

The biggest cause of landscape failure is improper watering. This usually means plants do not get enough water, although it can also mean that too much water has been applied. Appropriate watering involves more than just turning on a hose for a while. Proper watering requires calculations based on soil type, plant species, weather, and more. Realistically, most homeowners simply do not have the time or patience to provide proper watering and seek the expert services of a residential irrigation system company.

Programmable irrigation systems are a great option to fulfill desired watering needs; however, they are not foolproof. It takes experience and knowledge to design the best system as well as troubleshoot any watering problems that may occur. These concerns can all be handled with by an experienced irrigation systems company, providing a homeowner with an efficient, helpful solution to have a healthy, vibrant landscape.

Irrigation System Design

To get the best results from any irrigation system design, it is essential to consider some of the more commonly encountered problems and use the right system components to avoid them.

  • Compacted Soil – When soil is too compacted or dry, water takes longer to absorb. Full sprinkler cycles cause runoff and not desired soaking. The best solution to have a programmable sprinkler that provides less water for varying periods of time so that it can better soak into compacted soil.

  • Rain, Sun, and Varying Absorption – Most simple programmable sprinklers run whether it’s raining, has rained, or when cloud cover means watering isn’t as necessary, all of which can lead to over-watering issues. This is preventable by using rain sensors or low and high-volume drips in those areas that need more or less water based on sun exposure and evaporation rates.

  • Corners, Small Yards, and Oddly Shaped Areas – The important part about even coverage in small or non-standard shaped areas is to use more sprinklers and adjust water flow accordingly. Watering sidewalks, buildings, and other areas that are not lawn or landscaping can be avoided with an adequate number of sprinklers that have the right pressure for the coverage area.

  • Different Water Requirements – For watering plants with different watering needs, the right irrigation system design should include high and low pressure nozzles as needed, or all low pressure ones on different cycles. Plants that need more water can then get it without other plants being over-watered.

  • Uneven Terrain and Puddles – Not allowing puddles to form at the bottom of hills and dips is essential to prevent over-watering and damage to the landscape or lawn. This can be achieved through the use of check valves that stop the cycle if water accumulates, or low-delivery nozzles that permit slow soaking.

There is a solution available for every irrigation concern; it just requires finding the right system to provide even, adequate watering. Working with a good irrigation systems company is the best way for a homeowner to handle watering needs with the latest in irrigation system design and components. Contacting an experienced irrigation system installation company to discuss the challenges of proper residential watering and possible solutions is a great first step!

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