Just as building architecture applies to the structural design of homes and other buildings, landscape architecture applies to the general design of different types of landscapes. This aspect of landscape planning and design incorporates how land is used to design roadways, parks, and around buildings for the best look. It involves plants, permanent features such as walkways, handicap accessibility, landscape lighting, and more. There are many different pre-planning specialties that must be considered before a residential landscape design service or commercial landscape maintenance company completes a landscape design.

What Is Landscape Architecture?

Across the country, extensive planning has gone into buildings and structures as well as the surrounding area. Landscape architecture consists of the design of things larger than gardens and individual plots; in includes things that relate to typography, land and lot shape, city and suburban development, functional purpose, illumination of the landscape, and much more in terms of public use, building development, and land appearance.

Before ground is broken for any home or office building, and before a business environmental management company or home landscape development service can add their final touches, a landscape architect has designed the correct use of that land in respect to a variety of concerns in incorporate an aesthetic design that is beneficial to the public and considers the environment as well.

Specialty Areas in Landscape Architecture

Whether dealing with urban or home landscapes, there are specific topics within the profession of landscape architecture that both residential and commercial environmental development services understand are important to all. These specialty areas are first considered separately, then brought together as a final, workable design to create an attractive, yet functional use of land areas. Following are a few of those specialty areas that apply to both urban development and home properties.

  • Site Planning – This is the planning that goes into the most efficient use of a specific land site for its intended purpose and also considers its appearance through the services of a company experienced in professional landscape maintenance.

  • Urban Design – This type of design involves planning for cities and towns, placement of roads and buildings, and where and how urban growth should be situated, while also considering all natural, geographic features and limitations.

  • Land Development – Similar to site planning but on a larger scale such as suburban development, land development is planning for the use of large areas of land based on geography, need, and other factors.

  • Parks and Recreation – This is the specialty area where a suburban landscape architect plans for parks, open spaces, and recreational areas for public use.

  • Ecological and Environmental Planning – This is the architectural design and landscape planning for public areas with regard to natural, existing space and landscape, and how to modify it to be most useful and least intrusive.

  • Heritage Conservation – This is the recognition, protection and restoration of historic land areas.

What is important to remember that, even on a residential level, basic home lots have undergone considerable planning in terms of location, size, shape, and function. Depending on those qualities, as well as things such as historical value, local recreational space, urban and suburban development, and others, homeowners can make their individual property a beautiful part of the entire landscaped area around them. With the right plants, visual features, and landscape lighting installed by an experienced residential landscape design service, a single home lot can make its mark in beautifying a neighborhood and bringing life to the surrounding landscape architecture. Working with a commercial landscape maintenance company that understands these basics can help improve lot features and not let it become a visual imperfection!

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