Having nicely landscaped home or business property is a pleasure; however, it doesn’t happen by itself. A residential landscape, whether done by the homeowner or residential landscape services, requires considerable effort and a certain amount of expense to look its best. Creating an attractive yet low-cost, low-maintenance area around any property is possible if properly planned from the beginning. The help of a company experienced in landscape design services can yield well-kept, attractive property.

Landscaping Costs

The hardest part of maintaining a good-looking landscape for a home usually involves proper mowing, weed removal and prevention; proper pruning, and effective watering. Residential landscape services know that these are the jobs that require the most effort. If a homeowner wants to a lower-maintenance yard, ways must be found to reduce upkeep yet provide the right care. Following are some options to be considered:

  • Low Maintenance Plants – Advance research can provide the best choices for low maintenance plants. Look for shrubs that will grow without much pruning and plant varieties easily managed in planted beds.

  • Native Species – Although it is possible to grow almost any plant with enough effort, using native species requires less care and water. Hardier plants accustomed to local soil and climate will grow better with less maintenance as well as better withstand harsh weather.

  • Smaller Beds – One large difficulty involved in maintaining planted beds is the ability to access and work in them. By planting narrower smaller beds, landscape maintenance services can more easily work in the beds because it is an easier reach; smaller beds also require fewer plants and resources.

  • Reduce Lawn Size – Since lawn mowing is a labor-intensive necessity, reducing lawn size by using multiple planted beds, pathways, and mulched areas can reduce that labor. Ground cover plants are also a great option to reduce grass, yet create an attractive landscape design.

Convenience and Conservation Techniques

Besides the ideas referenced above, a professional landscaping business notes that there are two other ways to reduce the labor and costs of home landscaping upkeep: mulch and efficient watering.

  • Mulch – A good, thick layer of mulch in planted beds,and around bushes and trees does more than look attractive; it reduces work. Mulching reduces weed growth, prevents evaporation after watering, and can also be used to decrease lawn size and reducing lawn maintenance needs.

  • Irrigation – Whether done with soakers, or a complete irrigation system, correct watering using an irrigation method drastically reduces water consumption and plant death; it certainly requires less time and effort than other types of watering. When installed under mulch, water seeps directly into the soil before it can evaporate. Plants get the water they need and beds thrive with less maintenance.

While some landscapes will always require extensive maintenance from residential landscape maintenance companies, it is always possible to have a more user-friendly outside area by making the right low maintenance choices. Whether hiring landscape design services to install and maintain things or doing it on your own, a property owner can have beautiful, low maintenance landscaping!

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