There are many styles of residential landscaping with various themes and colors, including “natural design.” Although it might seem that all landscaping is “natural,” there is a purpose and method to this type of landscaping. A good residential landscape maintenance company will have a thorough understanding of natural landscaping in order to achieve the best effect.

Definition of Natural Landscaping

In order to achieve the desired effect of natural landscaping, it should be defined and understood. Some observers would consider a landscape “natural” if it were just less formal than carefully edged and planted beds; others believe it means using only local plants, shrubs, and trees. Residential landscape services know that there is some truth in both concepts; however, natural design includes more than informality and local species. It is a landscape design that carefully uses color and shape in relation to the architecture it surrounds, and also considers environmental factors to create the most natural-looking landscape.

Natural Landscape Considerations

A natural landscape design varies by location. To achieve the desired natural effect as well as other important aspects, a homeowner and their residential landscape design company must consider the following:

  • Architecture – Not all types of architecture work with every type of natural design; it is important to find something that matches the building style for the results. Landscaping, even if naturally inspired, does not look very natural in the wrong setting, which makes this a prime consideration.

  • Influence of Local Wild Landscapes – In different regions, there are various landscapes found in undisturbed, natural areas. These truly natural landscapes are designed by nature itself, and incorporate local plants readily growing based on soil, weather, and the surrounding environment. They are woodland areas, prairies, deserts, and tropical areas, each with a different set of species, layouts, and natural formation. Studying these natural landscapes to duplicate them in a home environment can provide beautiful results when managed by a landscape design company.

  • Indigenous Species – After deciding which natural design best fits the property’s size, shape, and structure, find and incorporate indigenous plants that will thrive in the local climate to create the design.

  • Low Maintenance – By using local plant species and creating a landscape design according to the way nature itself would provide for a specific area, a homeowner can reduce the amount of maintenance needed and any disruption of the local environment. Using space as nature does, planting certain cohabiting species together, and providing natural water conservation can create a more self-sustaining landscape design, one that needs much less human management to look its best.

Creating a beautiful, visually-appealing and environmentally-friendly natural landscape design requires careful planning and understanding of how plants work together. Working with a residential landscape maintenance company is your best choice to know the options available for your property. It may take some extra work; however, the end result of a beautiful, serene natural landscape is well worth that extra effort!

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